A new LED light bulb is seeking to change the green lighting market, says Fast Company writer Charlie Sorrel. BrightYolk is an LED lightbulb with it's own changeable internal light bulb power module that can be replaced when it dies.

Regular LED lights last a pretty long time, but once they expire the entire system needs to be replaced. BrightYolk's model however can be opened up and the bulb replaced, which wastes less plastic and uses fewer electronic components.

The BrightYolk bulb is currently being hawked on Kickstarter, at a reasonable $36 for three bulbs and six spare modules. The inclusion of spares might be an important point: if a normal lightbulb (LED, halogen, incandescent, or anything else) dies, then you never have to worry that its replacement will fit your lamp socket. Bulb fittings are pretty universal. When your BrightYolk bulb finally shines its last, you’re stuck searching for a proprietary module to fix it.

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