Bangkok is known for its high population density and limited green area, but local firm Apostrophy's newest townhome brings nature back inside.

A vertical garden stretches 25 feet along the back wall of the home, reconnecting the residents with the outdoor environment. The design makes the garden ideal for the limited, horizontal space of a townhome.

The designers experimented with various plants, as well as watering, lighting, and fertilizing systems to ensure optimal growth. UV lamps have also been strategically placed in order for each plant to grow to grow at the same rate. 

The center of the home also features an open void with a large skylight to let natural light filter through the interior space. The skylight includes smart features that allow the residents to control the brightness and direction of the light.

The architects also divided the floors to reflect different aspects of nature: the theme of the first floor is earth's origins, the second floor reflects on habitats, and the third is designated for air, wind, and insect.  


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