Did you have a treehouse as a kid? Made of wood, built into the tree with steps nailed into the trunk to help you climb? This is about as far as you can get from that design and still be up in the trees.

Dom'Up, designed by Holland-based arborculturist Bruno de Grunne and architect Nicolas d'Ursel, looks slightly like a UFO caught in a web between trees. In reality, it's a treehouse designed to suspend between multiple trees, distributing the weight and having much less impact than a traditional treehouse.  With an octagonal design, Dom'Up is large enough to support a bed or serve as an outdoor living room.

"The skeleton of Dom’Up is made from galvanized steel, while the interior features natural wooden flooring. The treehouse also features external railing around the structure for additional safety and security. The wooden floors can also be removed and reinstalled, to prevent them from rotting in the winter or rainy periods. The house is accessible via a wooden ladder with handrails, custom made stairs, or a suspension bridge, depending on the site where it is placed."

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