Trulia staffer Felipe Chacón presents the findings of an online survey last month that asked 2,000 Americans about what they thought were the best ways to live green. The survey, which was conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Trulia, found that while 79% of Americans agree that they consider themselves an environmentally conscious person, it's actually pretty hard to be green.

Only 26% of Americans say that they actually consider the environment in their daily actions beyond recycling and turning off the lights. The survey also found some demographic differences as well when it came to daily actions regarding the environment:

Boomers (ages 55+), are significantly more likely to act environmentally responsible by buying energy efficient appliances, making energy efficient upgrades to their homes and living in a smaller home than their younger cohorts (69% compared with 55% those ages 54 and younger). Millennials (18-34 year olds), on the other hand, are more polarized on the issue than any other generation with the highest proportion strongly agreeing and disagreeing that they are environmentally conscious.

But regardless of the differences between environmentally conscious thoughts and actions, Americans do agree on one thing—the top two ways for someone to act environmentally responsibly are to buy energy efficient appliances for their home (56%), make energy efficient upgrades to their home (55%).

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