Builders, architects, multifamily executives: Who is the greenest of them all? As we reported last week, Hanley Wood recently surveyed several of its core audiences to find how who initiates green building discussions, what drives their decision-making processes, and more. We asked the readers of Affordable Housing Finance (represented in the charts below as AHF)Architect (represented below as AR), Builder (represented below as BD)Custom Home (represented below as CH) (represented below as EBP)Multifamily Executive ( represented below as MFE), and Residential Architect (represented below as RA) to tell us what drives their green building decisions and whether they're interested in green building at all. After showing you how hundreds of respondents replied in each of the audience groups, today we look at how the groups compare to one another and distill out a few quick takeaways. Scroll over the percentages in the interactive graphic to see links to the answers in each chart's key. 

A few points of interest to note include:

  • While green building is hot for architects and, naturally, readers of our green building website, there remains room to grow in the home building and multifamily and affordable housing markets. Consider the 32-33 percentage point difference between the number architects and multifamily executives who responded that they identify their firms as committed to sustainable design
  • Energy efficiency is a top concern for all respondents, ranking the highest across all audiences as the most important environmental aspect on a typical project, while site accessibility ranked the lowest of the offered choices for all audiences except affordable housing executives.
  • Personal and firm commitments to green building drive the inclusion of green building features on a project the most. When it comes to client demand, however, as a driver in all five professional segments, it's most influential in the multifamily realm, and when it comes to kick-starting green building discussions, project managers and firm principals are by far the most vocal across all five audiences.
  • Going forward, most people expect code mandates, client demand, and government or other financial incentives to the factors that will most influence the green building industry, in that order.