Federal Government OKs Energy Star Appliance Rebates
Following on the heels of the popular Cash for Clunkers rebate program, the DOE has announced a $300 million rebate program under the Recovery Act to encourage consumers to buy new Energy Star-rated appliances. (USA Today)

Baltimore Green Regulations on Par With Those of Larger Cities
Baltimore's new green building rules place the city in a league with more than 200 other municipalities with mandates. (The Baltimore Sun)

Green Building Program in the Works for Tucson, Ariz.
The City Council has adopted a residential green building program rating system to certify that a home is constructed under the principles of energy efficiency, water conservation, and environmental planning. (AZBiz.com)

Low-Income Homes Proposal Draws Negative Reaction from Fort Worth, Texas, Council
A proposal to convert shipping containers into low-income homes has drawn negative reactions from city leaders. (EcoHome)

Act Could Offer Rebates for Green Products
A bill introduced by two Georgia congressmen could net a $2,000 tax deduction for homeowners buying certain building products or home furnishings; for products that meet national green building standards, the deduction could be doubled. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Illinois Village Adopts Green Initiative
By offering incentives to developers and residents, Orland Park officials hope to reduce the town’s energy consumption by at least 0.5% in the first year. (The Southtown Star)

California’s Green Building Code Seen as a ‘Good Balance’ for Builders
Standards focus on water conservation, mold prevention, and stormwater measures for new construction. (EcoHome)

Boston Mayoral Candidate Proposes Green Tax Incentives
Boston mayoral candidate Sam Yoon has introduced city legislation to offer financial incentives for residents who convert rooftops into green space. (The Boston Globe)

Illinois Legislation Aims to Boost Energy Efficiency   
The general assembly has passed two key environmental bills on energy reform and energy efficiency for new homes. (The Business Ledger)

Architects: Climate Change Bill Would Create Green Building Jobs
American Institute of Architects’ analysis finds growth opportunities for home building, remodeling, and multifamily industries in two key legislative provisions. (Builder)