USGBC Tallies Up Green Building Policy Gains Across U.S.
The U.S. Green Building Council has counted 30 green building victories in a mid-year review of the more than 400 state bills the organization is tracking this year. (

DOE Issues Final Efficiency Standards for Refrigerators and Freezers
The new requirements will improve efficiency by about 25% by 2014, a savings of about $200 for the typical consumer over the lifetime of the refrigerator. (

California Adopts First Standards for Cyber Security of Smart Meters
California regulators have adopted the nation's first sweeping privacy rules for household smart meters that form the backbone of the growing green grid, vowing to protect consumers from cyber attacks that could steal energy usage data and other private information. (International Business Times)

California Governor Seeks to Extend Energy Surcharge
In a major effort to create more high-tech jobs, Gov. Jerry Brown is sponsoring legislation to extend a state program that collects about $400 million a year from utility customers and invests it in renewable energy and efficiency programs. (The Los Angeles Times)

San Francisco Green Home Program May Boost Value
Officials are developing what they call the "green grade," a designation that the city would place on the property records of homes that meet certain efficiency standards. (The San Francisco Chronicle)

Residents Ask for Limits on Solar Panels
Neighbors of a planned zero-energy home are lobbying Hermosa Beach, Calif., officials to develop a policy that will put limits on how high solar panels can extend above the city's restrictions on building heights. (The Daily Breeze)