Green is more than the color of the money at Caesar Entertainment's Horseshoe Casino Baltimore. It opened earlier this year as the company's first LEED Gold certified project and one of only four LEED certified casinos in the United States, according to a recent blog post from Gina-Marie Cheeseman.

Cheeseman writes:

The casino is designed to reduce water use. Stormwater is collected and stored to be used for landscaping irrigation and toilets. Low-flow water fixtures are installed throughout the building. The casino reduces water use by 46 percent. Almost half of the construction materials for the Horseshoe Baltimore came from local sources. About a quarter of the construction materials contained recycled content. Ninety-seven percent of the construction waste was diverted from landfills. The LINQ is an outdoor dining, entertainment and shopping promenade designed to reduce energy and water use. The LINQ has energy cost savings of more than 21 center over the LEED baseline building performance. Drought tolerant plants and high efficiency drip irrigation systems and sensors reduce potable water consumption by over 51 percent.

Through its CodeGreen program Caesar Entertainment has made a company wide commitment to environmental sustainability. Here's a graphic look at program goals, as noted on the company's corporate website.


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