EarthCraft – Solar Array from Greenshortz on Vimeo.

In this 12-part video series, Tom Mills, an Atlanta resident who is on a mission to demystify green living for the common consumer through his company Green Shortz, explores green building basics by digging into the construction of a high-performance single-family home in the city’s Serenbe neighborhood. The neighborhood is requiring all homes to obtain EarthCraft certification. In this episode Mills and builder Luis Imery of The Imery Group, discuss the addition of a solar array to the home.

Episode 1: Introduction to an EarthCraft Home 
Episode 2: Advanced Framing 
Episode 3: Minisplit HVAC 
Episode 4: ERV 
Episode 5: Spray Foam Insulation 
Episode 6: Drain Tile 
Episode 7: Foundation
Episode 8: Manifold Plumbing
Episode 9: Rain Screen
Episode 10: Exterior Sheathingdycfftxqtbycyerfv