Studies show that 57% of Amsterdam residents use their bikes every day. Parking is a universal problem, but there's no trouble parking cars in Amsterdam—they're having trouble packing away bikes! Cycling is so popular (and commonplace) in the Netherlands that there's just not enough space to park bikes in the city. The city is trying to resolve the desperate need for bike parking in an innovative way, taking parking garages literally to a new level—underwater.

"The city has just announced a plan to excavate a 7,000-space bicycle garage under the Ij, the former bay (now a lake thanks to the construction of the Afsluitdijk barrier) that forms Amsterdam’s waterfront. The lake forms a sort of moat around the city’s Central Station, its main transit hub and a place where it could be possible to connect a subaquatic bike catacomb directly via tunnel to the city’s metro system. Stacking a total of 21,500 new bike spaces around the station by 2030, Amsterdam also plans to create two new floating islands with space for 2000 bikes each. Add this to the 2,500 spaces already in place and you have what will comfortably be the largest bike parking accommodations in the world."

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