The attendees of SXSW (the annual movie, music, and tech festival in Austin, Texas) had the opportunity this year to buy tacos from a shipping container. No, they weren't buying bulk from overseas, they were buying from a unique Taco Bell. The restaurant was built from three full shipping containers, with half containers used as supports and restrooms. There's no indoor seating, but you can still order all of the delicious Taco Bell foods the restaurant is known for. This special Taco Bell is an experiment that could lead to modular versions of the fast food joint all around the country.

Constructed in a mere three days with about half the footprint of a traditional Taco Bell, the store is a pop-up experiment in how the company might deal with a looming crisis of scale. Taco Bell plans to open 2,000 new U.S. locations by 2022—that’s a 33% increase in stores—with the goal of doubling the company’s revenues to $14 billion in less than 10 years. To do that, Taco Bell needs to penetrate more markets without the overhead of traditional buildings.

With such an aggressive expansion plan, these modular Taco Bells offer lots of options for different locations. Check out all of the details and photos from SXSW over on Fast Company.