While it seems Republicans and Democrats can't agree about anything these days, a new poll shows that both groups strongly support green building.

The survey found that the LEED green building rating system has strong bipartisan support across the U.S., with 79% of Republicans and 89% of Democrats supporting the use of LEED in buildings.

The poll also found that 77% of voters believe that LEED buildings are healthier for the people who live, work, learn and play in them, and 74% believe LEED buildings can save people money through cost-effective energy and water use. The latter finding was particularly bipartisan, with 70% of Republicans and 83% of Democrats agreeing with LEED’s cost-savings benefits. 

About 30% of Americans know LEED by name. Once given information on the certification process, 83% of Americans strongly support using LEED to assess and encourage green building.

Read more about the survey over at the USGBC.