When one woman set out to build a healthy home to relive her children's allergy symptoms, she reached out to James Dulley, a mechanical engineer, for advice.

In his response for healthy home building tips posted in the Hillsdale Daily News, Dulley offers up essential components to ensuring the best indoor air quality.

Several key design and construction factors to consider are the building materials used, the airtightness and fresh air ventilation. The last two may seem to contradict each other, but they actually complement each other. The ideal situation is an airtight house, to keep allergens outdoors, coupled with a filtered fresh air ventilation system.

With that said, Dulley offers tips like using natural materials like solid stone countertops and hardwood floors that reduce any laminate products in the home. He also recommends using a heating system which uses outdoor combustion air with a sealed combustion chamber to minimize the possibility of getting fumes into the house.

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