Accoya wood used in Italian Alpine villa
Accoya Accoya wood used in Italian Alpine villa

The 2015 Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute Innovator Awards went to five leaders in the sustainable design community. 

This year's Cradle to Cradle Systems Innovative Award went to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for their work in transitioning to a circular economy, which "preserves and enhances natural capital, optimizes resource yields, and minimizes system risks by managing finite stocks and renewable flows," according to the Foundation. Through research and analysis, business and government, education and training, and communication, the Foundation aims to inspire this generation to build a positive future circular economy.

Four Cradle to Cradle Products Innovator Awards also honor organizations that have crafted regenerative and Cradle to Cradle-inspired product designs.

Accoya produces high-tech wood by using acetyl groups, which occur naturally in durable wood species, to replace the part of wood that readily bonds with water. The process mimics nature without adding any toxic substances. The product can be treated similar to untreated wood and recycled or upcycled. Accoya can be used as a clean fuel source and, if discarded, will biodegrade over time.

Lauffenmühle creates yarns and textiles that consist of a blend of cellulose fibers from FSC Certified wood combined with biodegradable synthetic polymers. All raw materials, ingredients, chemicals, and dyes are biodegradable. The manufacturing process optimizes environmental protection, resource conservation, waste prevention, and safe biological regeneration. 

Werner & Mertz, a pioneer in sustainable cleaning and sanitizing products for professional industries and consumers, uses biodegradable ingredients and 100% renewable energy

wet-green uses olive leaves, olive oil waste water, and olive pulp from the Mediterranean region to develop a tanning agent. By using olive tree waste, the tree is left standing and no plant is sacrificed. The product is designed for leathers used in furniture, cars, shoes, leather goods, and clothing.