ECOHOME magazine is kicking off the 2013 Vision 2020 initiative, the second year of a unique team-driven research program to identify and explore critical challenges to sustainability, with the inauguration of 10 new Focus Area Chairs. Repeating the 2012 model, the 2013 program will engage 10 of the nation’s foremost experts in key sectors of sustainable design who will convene quarterly to share research, uncover technological innovations, and map a critical path toward sustainability for the residential construction industry between now and 2020.
Vision 2020’s experts, dubbed Focus Area Chairs, represent the key sectors of sustainable design, including building design and performance, codes and standards, economics and financing, efficiency and building science, indoor environmental quality, materials and products, sustainable communities, and water efficiency. In 2012, chairpeople included past Hanley Award winners Ed Mazria of Architecture 2030, Alex Wilson of Environmental Building News and the Resilient Design Institute, and Sam Raskin of the U.S. Department of Energy. The Vision 2020 Focus Area Chairs for 2013 are:
Building Design + Performance
Tedd Benson
Founding Owner, Bensonwood Homes
Allison Ewing 
Principal, Hays + Ewing Studio
Codes, Standards, and Rating Systems
Mark Frankel 
Technical Director, New Buildings Institute
Economics + Financing
Robert Sahadi 
Director Energy Efficiency Finance Policy, Institute for Market Transformation
Energy Efficiency + Building Science
Dennis Creech 
Executive Director, Southface Energy Institute
Mark LaLiberte  
Vice President, Construction Instruction
Indoor Environmental Quality
Marilyn Black, PhD 
Founder, GreenGuard/UL Environment
Materials + Products
Tom Lent
Policy Director, Pharos Project, Healthy Building Network
Sustainable Communities
John O. Norquist
President, CEO, Congress for the New Urbanism 
Water Efficiency
Paula Kehoe
Director of Water Resources, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Click on the slide show above to learn more about each expert. Click here for more about Vision 2020