The Eiffel Tower is not only an iconic piece of architecture, it's now a beacon of sustainable energy. Wind turbines have been installed on the Eiffel Tower, and the energy generated by these turbines is enough to power the entire first floor including a souvenir shop, restaurant, and exhibits. These vertical turbines can capture wind from any direction and are just a part of an initiative to make the tower more sustainable.

"The two vertical-axis turbines have been installed on the tower's second level, about 122 metres (400ft) from the ground -- a position that maximises wind capture. The turbines have been specially painted so as to blend in with the tower, and produce virtually no sound. They can also capture wind from any direction, producing, between them, a total of 10,000kWh per year -- enough to power the tower's first floor.

There was no environmental benchmark the tower was required to meet; however, the SETE wishes to reduce the tower's environmental impact by 25 percent as part of the City of Paris Climate Plan. It is funding the entire €30 million cost of the renovation -- which includes cosmetic and safety upgrades -- itself."

Head on over to CNET for a more in-depth look at the turbines and check out the turbines in action in the video below from Urban Green Energy.