The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had more than 300 registrants tune in as they recently gave the details new streamlined template for permits designed to meet federal stormwater management requirements. This simplified template will cut down the number of pages from 100 to less than 20 and save home builders time, money, and environmental consultant fees.

Home builders in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Mexico and Idaho, as well as Washington, D.C. - areas where the EPA directly oversees storm water - can now use this new template:

Using this template, home builders doing clearing, grading and excavating on lots of less than an acre within an existing development no longer have to write extensive narratives describing the best management practices they are using to keep storm water and the sediment and other pollutants from leaving their job site after it rains. Instead, it’s a series of boxes to check describing the steps they are taking.

The NAHB breaks down who will be eligible and how the process will work in this infographic:

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