Washington, DC-based development consulting firm Dual Citizen LLC released a report last month ranking the top 10 greenest cities in the world according to their perceived Global Green Economy Index (GGEI).

The GGEI, in its fourth edition this year, takes an in-depth look at the performance of 60 countries in the green economy and analyzes several metrics to help inform governments of the successes and failures of each nation's environmental performance and green sector involvement. The GGEI also directly compares perception with performance to highlight need for better strategic communication regarding how green nations are and how green they are perceived to be. According to report findings, Sweden leads as the greenest nation in performance, although Germany is perceived as the greenest among expert practitioners.

The GGEI ranks the top 10 greenest cities based on perception through surveying expert practitioners in relevant fields, asking them to rank the largest metro areas in each country based on the four GGEI dimensions, which include efficiency sectors, environment and natural capital, market and investment, and leadership and climate change. Here are the 2014 top ten cities worldwide according to GGEI expert perception and their score based on ranking in the four dimensions:

1. Copenhagen

Score: 100

2. Amsterdam

Score: 98.3

3. Stockholm

Score: 96.4

4. Vancouver

Score: 96.0

5. London

Score: 90.7

6. Berlin

Score: 90.0

7. New York

Score: 89.2

8. Singapore

Score: 84.9

9. Helsinki

Score: 82.8

10. Oslo

Score: 81.2

For more information on the GGEI and greenest cities, view the full report from Dual Citizen here.