Billions for Weatherization in Stimulus Questioned
Critics of the $787 billion economic stimulus program are not really balking over caulking: They just don't think pouring substantially more money into home weatherization will give a quick kick to the reeling economy.

Colorado City to Hold Lottery for Solar Energy Rebates
Glenwood Springs will hold a lottery to choose which homeowners and commercial property owners will have access to funds from a new $90,000 solar energy rebate program after the number of applications exceeded available funding by 2 to 1.

DOE Funds Indiana Rebates for Energy-Efficient HVAC Equipment
The new Indiana Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate program will pay homeowners from $75 to $400 to swap their energy-guzzling furnaces, water heaters, or boilers for more efficient models. The U.S. Department of Energy is funding the $250,000 program, which is available for households earning less than $75,000 a year.

Colorado Selects Administrators for Solar Hot Water Rebate Program
The Colorado Energy Office selected the city of Boulder and the Center for Resource Conservation to administer the state’s Solar Domestic Hot Water Rebate Program for homes and businesses.

Ontario to Consider Green Building Codes
Dalton McGuinty, premier of the Canadian province, unveiled plans to make energy conservation and energy efficiency integral in building codes.

Novato, Calif., to Require ‘Voluntary’ Green Standards
Almost two years before California enforces its green building code, the Novato Planning Commission is set to require builders to comply with most of them.

North Carolina Orders Communities to Report Daily Water Use
A new law that requires North Carolina communities to report daily water use to the state could bump up the cost of new-home irrigation systems, which will need their own meters.

Maryland Lawmakers Aim to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley is pushing to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020. Labor officials, who opposed similar past efforts, now support the measure because it could create green jobs and make the country less dependent on imported oil.

California's Green Jobs Experiment Isn't Going Well 
In the two years since California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the country’s toughest anti-global-warming regulations into law, the state has led the nation in job losses. The regulations were expected to create green jobs.

Bolinas, Calif. Enacts Strict Restrictions, Punishments for Water Use
Bolinas, an oceanside enclave in Marin County, has enacted some of California’s toughest water restrictions. Each customer—with the exception of schools and some businesses—may use no more than 150 gallons a day. A third violation of the order would allow the utility to cut off water.

Obama Ordering Energy-Efficient Standards To Be Set for Household, Commercial Appliances
Eager to show action on the energy front, President Barack Obama ordered his government to establish higher efficiency standards for everyday household appliances such as dishwashers, lamps, and microwave ovens.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson Rolls Out Green Jobs Cabinet
With an eye to a promised federal green jobs plan, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson launched a new Green Jobs Cabinet that will look at opportunities and strategies around green building and energy efficiency contracting for homes. (New Mexico Business Weekly)