Administration Unveils Multi-Agency Energy Plan
A nearly $130 million, multi-agency program to spur U.S. economic growth while making buildings more energy efficient was unveiled by the Obama administration. (United Press International)

Obama’s 2011 Budget Request Backs Energy Efficiency
President Obama’s budget request for next year--despite having to deal with a deficit of $1.3 trillion--will boost investment in energy efficiency and nuclear power. (Energy Efficiency News)

USGBC Releases Top 10 Green Building Bills    
The U.S. Green Building Council’s list includes House and Senate legislation that advances green building, economic activity, and green jobs. (

EPA Takes Heat on Climate Rule
Republicans, business groups, and a handful of coal-state Democrats are launching a barrage of attacks against the agency, hoping to stop new rules that would regulate greenhouse gas emissions across the economy. (Politico)

Nonprofit Ranks the Greenest Lawmakers
The National Environmental Scorecard, produced annually by the League of Conservation Voters, rates members of Congress on environmental, public health, and energy issues. (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

Pennsylvania Program Makes Geothermal More Affordable
A state rebate program will make it cheaper for residents to install heating and cooling systems that tap the earth's energy. (The Reading Eagle)

Green Law Seen as Threat to California History
California is about to enact a law that requires new buildings to meet green standards, but historic preservation advocates argue it will encourage the demolition of old buildings, while some environmentalists say the law isn't progressive enough. (Southern California Public Radio)

Santa Clara Valley to Expand Recycled Water Efforts
The Valley’s Water District has voted to build a new advanced water treatment facility that will produce highly purified recycled water and strengthen the integrated management of recycled water. (EP Online)

Washington County Enacts Emergency Moratorium on Wind Power
Responding to concerns of property owners, the Whatcom County Council has approved a temporary moratorium blocking new permit applications for construction of large wind power turbines. (The Bellingham Herald)

Baltimore's Green Building Law Still in Limbo
More than seven months after it supposedly took effect, the city has yet to publish regulations to carry out the law, which requires most private as well as public buildings to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly in their design and construction. (The Baltimore Sun)

San Francisco to Use Property Taxes to Finance Green Upgrades
The city is launching what could be the largest U.S. program that allows businesses and homeowners to finance green upgrades through their property taxes. (USA Today)

San Francisco Mayor Touts Green Jobs Plan
More than half of the $19.2 million announced will fund the San Francisco Energy Watch program, which offers free on-site assessments of energy savings at homes and businesses in the city, as well as the installation of energy-efficient equipment at reduced costs. (SF Appeal)

Los Angeles Eyeing Rainwater Ordinance
A proposal by the Los Angeles Department of Public Works would make builders of developments and new homes capture and reuse rainwater runoff, official said. (United Press International)