Worrying about floods is a thing of the past! Not really, but it's easy to imagine declarations like these when something like a floating house exists. Requiring a base made of "buoyant concrete," the design is capable of floating on water just like a house boat. The design of the house also calls for solar panels along the sides of the house that should supply all of the power that the house needs.

"Floating House is a two story home with 45 x 16 feet (14 x 5 m) of interior living space, enclosed in a cross-laminated timber frame. The home also features a thick layer of insulation and triple-glazed windows. The basic layout of the interior is made up of a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, a study, and a bathroom."

Christine Walsh has the rest of the story over on Jetson Green, and be sure to pick up the blueprints when they become available. What kinds of problems would a floating house run into? Do the benefits outweigh the issues? Let us know what you think in the comments below!