The benefits of net-zero construction are numerous, but just being green is not enough for home builder Matt Risinger. Risinger gives Journal of Light Construction some key tips on how to sell the benefits of a net-zero home, as well as his top tips for designing one:

The term "green" has been too watered down to mean anything anymore.  Instead, I talk about "high performance houses" or "comfort."  I find that my clients have had uncomfortable houses in the past and that talking about comfort really resonates.  I also have lots of clients who want low energy bills.  The idea of a zero-dollar electric bill is pretty awesome.

Risinger's four top areas of focus when designing a net-zero home:

1.       Designing for efficiency with the architect

2.       Air-sealing that utilizes principles of the PassivHaus standard

3.       Highly insulating walls and roof-line

4.       Design of mechanical systems

Check out more of Risinger's tips in the video below, and then check out his full blog about designing net-zero houses on the Journal of Light Construction >>