Aware of the dangers of flooding, evermore immediate on the island that makes up the United Kingdom, London-based Carl Turner Architects has developed a new, open-source project called Floating House.

With the idea that good architecture should be not be limited to the wealthy, and with a design focused on addressing the problematic floods in part due to climate change, the firm has in turn conceptualized a new style of home. For one, it targets unused space and waterways, as it utilizes an optional floating concrete hull as one of its floor plans (meaning the house could act as a stationary house-boat, common in the Netherlands). With sustainability in mind, the house also features a rainwater tank on the roof terrace, which serves for the house’s non-drinkable water use.

The blueprints are free and registration is open for downloads on the Paperhouses website. The Paperhouses project is the first open source platform that brings world-class design free to the public. One can download plans, adapt them to suit their needs, and ultimately build them (or have them built professionally).