A barrier to taking advantage of all the benefits owning a bike in a city has to offer is finding a place to put it. Some cities have gotten quite creative with bike storage, but others like Amsterdam, where cycling is extremely popular, are feeling the negative effects of lacking the appropriate infrastructure to accommodate the trend. Chilean designer Manuel Rossel has created the ideal solution for the small apartment dweller who could not previously find storage space for a bike-- multipurpose furniture built to display it.

Without a bike on one of Rossel's designs, the shelves and bookcases blend in as typical modern designs. They are built, however, with indentations for two wheels so a cyclist can drop a bike in at any time. Without taking up any additional floor or wall space, the designs  show off the bike like artwork.

Rossel has created a number of designs, all of which are currently only available locally in Chile, but he hopes to someday soon begin shipping internationally.

Three cheers for small spaces, big storage, and sustainable transportation.

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