The Ceres climate Declaration is a call to action with a purpose to, according to its website, "demonstrate strong business support from highly credible American brands for taking action on climate change and energy policy." There are over 1,000 signees, but only two of them are building companies. Buildings are still one of the largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions, so why aren't more builders committed to green building?

Jim Weglewski, VP of window and door company Anderson Corp., hopes that by signing the declaration, his company will begin a trend of builders working towards more green building tactics.

"The challenge – and opportunity – we now face is expanding access to green building strategies and products across all new construction and existing buildings. Adding our signature to this declaration affirms our responsibility to provide durable, energy-efficient products that are part of the solution. We also believe the time is right to apply a “whole community” approach to addressing these systemic challenges. That is why Andersen intends to continue collaborating with business leaders, governments, and NGOs outside the building industry." 

Check out his full argument for supporting the Ceres Climate Declaration over on Builder.