The USGBC has launched the Green Building Information Gateway (GBIG), a web-based tool that aims to provide greater transparency and understanding of the green dimensions of the built environment. The tool provides views of places, projects, collections, and LEED credits, and details the actions and activities of green-building project teams over time. The tool also provides maps, analytics, and insights on trends, patterns, and processes in green building.
Data is divided into several areas:
  • Activities. Any event representing green-building design and construction, facilities management, performance measurement, benchmarking or disclosure of data, and achievement or an award or certification.
  • Buildings. Timelines of green activities at an address.
  • Places. Location divisions that can compare key indicators among cities, states, congressional districts, and countries. 
  • Strategies. Trends and patterns in green-building practice.
  • Collections. Portfolios of green buildings that share a common theme, and can be summarized and compared along key indicators and metrics.
The GBIG is online at