Virginia Governor Announces Green-Jobs Plan
Gov. Timothy M. Kaine has called for state tax incentives and grants to promote environmentally friendly businesses and jobs.

More States Offer Rebates for Home Wind Turbines
Maine is the latest state to promote small-wind incentives, offering up to $2,000 in rebates for residents putting turbines near their homes.

Colorado Town Plans Green Building Standards
The Windsor, Colo., Planning Department has begun working toward creating green building standards for new projects, from the development side to constructing new homes.

California’s Green Building Codes Supported by Builders
Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of California’s new mandatory green building codes is the complete support it received from the state’s Building Industry Association (CBIA).

Obama's Green Energy Plans Build Hopes, Skepticism
Proponents of alternative energy and energy efficiency were elated by President-Elect Barack Obama's economic stimulus speech, but some analysts warned his energy agenda could hit turbulence in Congress or from the slow economy.

Cincinnati Offers Tax Abatement Program for LEED-Certified Homes and Projects
Thanks to legislation enacted this year, Cincinnati residents are eligible for up to 15 years of property-tax exemption for LEED-certified new homes or remodeling projects, and local green builders are reaping the rewards. 

California Adopts Tough  Plan to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
California has adopted the nation's most sweeping plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions, issuing rules that could transform everything from the way factories operate to the appliances people buy and the fuel they put in their cars. Homes built with energy-efficient materials also could prove more costly, as could gasoline reformulated to release less carbon dioxide.

Obama’s EPA Pick Promises to Keep Politics Out of Decision-Making
Lisa Jackson, President-Elect Barack Obama's pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency, pledged that decisions at the agency will be based on science and the law and not politics. Jackson's opening statement at her Senate confirmation hearing was the clearest signal yet that the Obama administration plans to take the agency in a different direction.