More than 30 groups issued a call to action for the federal government and states to make energy efficiency a frontline approach to addressing energy-supply constraints and reducing global-warming emissions. The broad-based group of industry and financial leaders, state treasurers, environmental groups and energy-policy advocates urged the government to ramp up its commitment to energy-efficiency measures.

The groups requested that governors and state leaders prioritize efficiency and allow it to compete with power generation; the new president appoint a National Energy Efficiency Advocate; Congress works to establish worker training programs; and the president and Congress reshape the regulatory and financial-incentive landscape to make the U.S. a worldwide leader in efficiency technologies. The statement declares that “rapid adoption of policies and programs that drive greater energy efficiency in our homes, businesses, industries and government facilities will make electricity more affordable and reliable, enhance our standard of living, create new jobs and protect the environment.” The call to action and complete roster of supporting organizations can be found at www.