In October 2009, President Barack Obama issued an executive order on sustainability and the federal government recently took several steps in moving forward on the goal of making the federal government a leader in sustainability, the U.S. General Services Administration moved the Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings from the Public Buildings Services (PBS) to the GSA’s Office of Governmentwide Policy. In association with this move, the PBS established a new chief greening officer position.

“As part of Governmentwide Policy, the Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings will broaden its reach to provide federal agencies with the necessary measurement tools and policies they need to meet their own sustainability mandates under the Executive Order,” explains GSA administrator Martha N. Johnson.
The chief greening officer at the PBS will aggressively pursue sustainable practices within GSA’s large portfolio of government-owned and leased buildings to ensure that we are enabled to better meet our mandates.”

Established in 2007, the Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings sets policies and standards regarding building construction, operations, and maintenance to ensure federal buildings meet sustainable design and energy-reduction targets. “By making High-Performance Green Buildings part of Governmentwide Policy, GSA can deliver on our commitment to make better performing, greener building standards and operations a federal imperative,” says Michael Robertson, associate administrator of governmentwide policy. Its acting head of office, Kevin Kampschroer, will now be the office’s permanent director.

In creating a new chief greening office position, the PBS seeks someone who “will accelerate our momentum to drive sustainability by aggressively seeking out and incorporating proven greener, more efficient building technologies and practices throughout our entire inventory of 1,500 owned and 8,000 leased buildings,” sayas Robert A. Peck, commissioner of public buildings. “The chief greening officer will deliver our goal of becoming a ‘green proving ground’ for the American building industry by measuring the cost-, resource- and greenhouse gas-reduction effectiveness of myriad innovative green design, construction, and management approaches.”

Scott Conner, director of the Denver Federal Center for GSA’s Rocky Mountain region, will act in this position until a permanent chief greening officer is named. The GSA is advertising inside and outside the government to fill the position on a permanent basis.