Rich Schwolsky and Jean Dimeo, co-chief editors of Green Products and Technology Magazine.
Rich Schwolsky and Jean Dimeo, co-chief editors of Green Products and Technology Magazine.

No editorial team in our industry could be happier than we are to see advanced energy-efficient and sustainable building practices, so commonly called “green,” finally sweeping their way into broader acceptance and increasing expertise among mainstream residential architects, builders, and remodelers. In fact, with heavyweight national builders, manufacturers, and trade associations on board now, it seems that the industry has finally embraced these significant changes. So when we got the green light to launch Green Products and Technology magazine, we were thrilled.

Change within the building industry can be frustratingly slow, but looking back to when many of us planted our own “green building” roots some 30-plus years ago, before anyone had coined the phrase, it is heartening to see the advances and improvements.

There are so many things to point to now, from the steady stream of new products and materials to the wide range of green building programs and their exemplary projects with documented performance. Years of R&D and market development have laid a very solid foundation for progress.

But we particularly note the deepening understanding within the industry about how residential buildings work, often called “building science,” and think this is one of the most important aspects, among many in green building. Clearly, the more that designers and contractors alike understand how products, materials, details, components, and occupants interact as a system, the better their homes will perform.

Of course, it takes much more than products to build green, but for anyone designing or building green homes, the questions always come down to “What should I spec? Which products will get me there?” Our mission is to help you answer these key questions; it’s the reason for our focus on products and technology with this new magazine, our green Web site (, our e-newsletter, and the upcoming launch of the EcoHome Expo in October in Austin, Texas.

We’re here to help your team with product selections for your green home projects. Whether through our case study features or category reviews, we’ll introduce you to the newest green products available and help you understand how they can best be applied in the areas of energy and resource efficiency, health and comfort, and following the important principles of building science to create safe and durable homes. And we’ll present a wide range of options that offer real choices depending on how “green” you want to get and how much you want to spend.

We’re proud to welcome you to the premier issue of Green Products and Technology, the newest member of the Hanley Wood family. But while this may be a new magazine, green building is nothing new to us. Our team of editors, along with our stellar editorial advisory board and contributors, includes some of the industry’s most experienced and best-known green building experts. So we’re confident that whether you’re a veteran green builder or looking at green building as a new market, you can count on us to help you meet your own green goals and build better, healthier, and longer lasting homes, and with less impact on our planet.