Don't miss these ECOBUILDING PULSE stories and projects from the past week:

Map Tracks Anti-LEED Legislation
Under pressure from certain industries, some states are turning against using LEED as a building performance rating system. This map summarizes the legislation state-by-state.

Hillary Rodham Clinton to Keynote Greenbuild
The former Secretary of State will open the 2013 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Philadelphia.

Bright Ideas for Light Bulbs
New laws mean fewer incandescent bulbs. To help you prepare, here is a look at CFL, LED, and halogen options.

Can Your City Survive on Local Water Sources?
A handful of municipalities in Southern California are aiming to reduce their use of imported water by 40 billion gallons by 2035. Will other cities follow their lead?

Before and After: Minneapolis Historic Green Remodel
A 100-year-old home was carefully and sustainably restored to its original charm.