In case you missed it, here is a list of the top ECOBUILDING PULSE stories from this past week:

How the Bullitt Center May Change Design
We've covered Seattle's Bullitt Center a number of times, but here's something new: In an exclusive video from the AIA National Convention, we speak with Ron Rochon of the Miller Hull Partnership about how the project and other high-performance projects like it could change the nature of the design process.

Why Architects Should Use Energy Modeling Now
Also from the AIA National Convention, we present two arguments as to why architect need to care about energy modeling.

Obama Takes on Climate Change
How does the new National Climate Action Plan affect you?

Chicago Looks at Energy Benchmarking
The Windy City is looking to tackle energy benchmarking and reporting for commercial, municipal, and residential buildings. See what the proposed ordinace would require.

A LEED Platinum Legacy?
In one more exclusive video from the AIA National Convention, we visit the now-under-construction legacy project, a Habitat for Humanity home aiming for LEED Platinum.