It’s Friday and almost time to check out for the weekend. But before you do, here is a few of our editors' highlights from this past week, March 18-22:


  • Wastewater Treatment Can Be Gorgeous, Too
    We may not want to talk about wastewater processing that much, but Mithun proves that a water treatment plant can be an architectural draw that can help people get over squimish thoughts regarding these processes and learn more about one of their most vital resources. Read more here.
  • School Are at Critical Mass in a Bad Way
    U.S. schools get a failing grade when it comes to maintaining facilities: The Center for Green Schools find that these structures are facing a $271-billion defered maintenance bill to bring them up to working order. Read more here.
  • Insulation Is About More Than Heat
    Good acoustics makes for happier space occupants and can also lead to a perception of higher quality residences, greater workplace productivity. Get up to speed on the installation benefits and concerns, as well as some current market innovations. Read more here.
Now you tell us: What was your favorite read of the week?