If a picture’s worth 1,000 words, a good infographic is worth 10,000. While the advantages of green building are no secret, the perception of high up front costs keep a lot of construction conventional. This infographic from Green Building Canada simply breaks down both the environmental and economic benefits of sustainable building. While this is based on green building in Canada, it highlights measures like energy efficiency and LEED certification and how they raise property values, utility savings, and indoor environmental quality. Green Building Canada points out a 9 to 50% reduction in sickness and 18 to 25% reduction in asthma and allergies based on green building measures. According to the data, although LEED certification only costs about 2% more than conventional buildings, 62% of building professionals believe there is a significant difference.

Check out the simple breakdown of the costs, perception of costs, and overall benefit of green building in a simple snapshot for your next sustainability discussion: