[ 80 ] INSULATION ADDS R-VALUE Spaceloft Insul-Cap from Aspen Aerogels is a nanotechnology-based aerogel insulation product that adds R-value to steel- and wood-frame buildings. It’s made from a 3/8-inch- (9.5-mm-) thick strip of flexible aerogel blanket that is applied to a building’s frame prior to sheathing and does not alter standard construction. A steel-frame wall’s thermal performance can improve up to 40 percent and a wood-frame wall’s thermal performance can improve by more than 15 percent. (508) 691-1111 / www.aerogel.com

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[ 81 ] COUNTERTOPS ARE MADE OF RECYCLED GLASS Urbanslabs from Eco Surfaces are sustainable, cement-based slabs available for countertops, vanities, shower panels, floor tiles, bookshelves and more. Crafted by hand, each slab consists of 60 percent recycled, post-consumer glass containers. Urbanslabs can be cut, bull-nosed, seamed and polished like natural stone. Twelve colors are available. (949) 246-4177 / www.ecosurfacesmfg.com

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[ 82 ] WATER HEATER SLASHES EMISSIONS Rheem Water Heating has unveiled an 18-model lineup of ultra-low nitrogen-oxide-emitting residential gas water heaters. The heaters feature a stainless-steel radiant burner that slashes emissions to 10 nanograms per Joule. Tank sizes range from 28 to 50 gallons (106 to 189 L) with gas inputs of 30,000 to 40,000 Btu per hour. (800) 621-5622 / www.rheem.com

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[ 83 ] SUN PRODUCTS ARE SOLAR CONTROLLED Aerobrise, Celoscreen, C23/C40 and Softwave sun louvers and exterior screening products are available from Hunter Douglas Architectural Products. Made from aluminum with a minimum of 70 percent recycled content, the products enhance energy savings by regulating interior thermal heat gain and loss. (800) 366-4327 / www.hunterdouglascontract.com

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[ 84 ] FIREPLACE DOESN’T NEED FLUE The EcoSmart Fire collection from The Fire Co. does not need a flue or connection, allowing fireplaces to be installed where space or code previously restricted them. The fireplaces are fueled by denatured ethanol, so they do not create smoke or soot. The collection meets most code and satisfies most building inspectors’ requirements throughout the U.S. (213) 382-5656 / www.ecosmartfire.com

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[ 85 ] ADHESIVE BONDS TO MANY MATERIALS Green-Lock multipurpose structural adhesive from The Garland Co. Inc. is a 100 percent solids, VOC-free, odorless, single-component adhesive. It bonds to coated metals, stone, brickwork, glass and copings, as well as maintains its physical properties in temperatures as low as -40 F (-40 C). When cured, the adhesive ensures 300 pounds (136 kg) of shear strength when bonding to metal, masonry or wood. (800) 321-9336 / www.garlandco.com

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[ 86 ] POLYMER CONTAINS RENEWABLE INGREDIENTS BioStride from Armstrong Commercial Flooring is a polymer that creates less dependence on petroleum and fossil fuels because it contains rapidly renewable, U.S.-grown plant ingredients. The first application of BioStride, which is 13 percent biobased content by weight, is MIGRATIONS BioBased Tile. The tile combines environmental attributes with enhanced performance, a classic look and affordability. the SE Series incorporates an electric element. (717) 397-0611 / www.armstrong.com

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[ 87 ] WATER HEATERS ARE GLASS LINED Heat Transfer’s SuperStore Contender Solar line of glass-lined indirect water heaters store hot water from one or more solar collectors. The enamel heat exchanger is at the bottom of the glass-lined storage tank and engineered to provide maximum heat transfer. The SB Series has a boiler for backup, and (800) 323-9651 / www.htproducts.com

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[ 88 ] WALL SYSTEM PROTECTS AGAINST THE SUN CO-EX Corp. has developed its Macrolux I.R. multiwall polycarbonate sheet to provide heat reduction and load resistance in interior spaces. The sheet allows natural daylight in while protecting against UV and infrared rays. It’s available in a standard gray 0.39-inch (10-mm) triple wall and can be ordered in other configurations and colors. (800) 888-5364 / www.co-excorp.com

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[ 89 ] DESIGNER DAYLIGHTING Solatube International Inc.’s Solatube Designer Touches is a line of designer daylighting for homeowners seeking stylish options and designers integrating daylighting into their projects. The line offers a choice of lenses for various lighting options that can soften or warm a space. Kits can be purchased for additional functions like ventilation or dimming. (888) 765-2882 / www.solatube.com

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[ 90 ] CONTROL HOME ELECTRONICS WITH ONE SWITCH The GreenSwitch allows homeowners to control all electronics not being used throughout their house with one wireless master switch. Once it’s turned off, a wireless signal is sent to deactivate components, designated lights and wall plugs. A home’s air conditioning and heating system will set to the unoccupied mode. (800) 925-5103; www.greenswitch.tv

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[ 91 ] COLLECTION IS FOR CLASSROOMS The Metaphor Series of furniture by Virco is for K-12 schools. Products have a strong, full-perimeter tubular steel frame and polypropylene shell to withstand high traffic. Sculpted contours provide long-lasting comfort for students. Chairs can be stacked and nested on desktops for easy storage and cleaning. (800) 395-7080 / www.virco.com

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[ 92 ] BAMBOO USED IN EVERYDAY PRODUCTS Cali Bamboo LLC integrates bamboo into its products because it is a high-yield renewable resource and has a higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel. In addition, bamboo’s tensile strength per square inch is more than that of steel. The company’s products include bamboo fencing, poles, slats, flooring, plywood, rugs, blinds, matting and palm thatch. (858) 200-9540; www.calibamboo.com

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[ 93 ] PARTICLEBOARD IS FSC CERTIFIED The Collins Cos. has released Collins Pine FreeForm, the only Forest Stewardship Council-certified Western Pine particleboard in North America. The particleboard, which contains no added urea formaldehyde, was developed from two years of research, testing and trials. Collins uses 100 percent recovered and recycled wood to eliminate dependency on virgin fiber. (800) 329-1219; www.collinswood.com

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[ 94 ] VACUUM SYSTEM IS SMART Beam’s Serenity IQA Power Unit central vacuum system from Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems includes an electronic user information system. A liquid-crystal display provides real-time information regarding the unit’s efficiency, dirt level, time, temperature and service information. It delivers 640 airwatts of cleaning power. Additional features include a mold prevention agent and electric power brush. (515) 832-4620; www.beamvac.com

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[ 95 ] LOOP CARPET IS FOR COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS Fiesta! from Cambridge is a versatile textured loop carpet for commercial applications. It captures the rich, Earthy tones and bright accent colors of Mexico in nine different colorways. Available in broadloom and 24 by 24 inch (610 by 610 mm) modular tile, the carpet is made of Cambridge’s Avalar X nylon with Puralex, a permanent, self-renewing odor neutralizer. Its backing contains 85 percent post-consumer recycled content. (800) 451-1250; www.cambridgecarpet.com

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