The LEED green building rating system, sponsored by the US Green Building Council, has become synonymous with green building in the US, but many industry professionals think the rating system exemplifies everything that is wrong with the way we build green today.

Here are a few of the primary arguments made again the LEED rating system:

  • The LEED Certification process is arduous and time consuming.
  • Certification is expensive and unattainable to affordable projects.
  • LEED does not consider the climate of project areas, therefore ignoring important considerations for sustainability regarding the way in which buildings react to weather.
  • LEED also does not consider the location of projects such as coastal, rural, or metropolitan considerations needed for a building interact symbiotically with its surroundings.
  • The point system LEED is based on arbitrarily assigns points to initiatives that are not necessarily more or less sustainable than others.
  • LEED can apply to any form of commercial buildings such as airports, which govern an inherently unsustainable form of transportation.

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