Italian firm Luca Curci Architects has a new design for sustainable living in harsh heat. The Desert Cities project is rooted in the concept of a line as both a path and border and that cities can persist sustainably in any climate.

The nodal network designed by the firm connects small communities of no more than a few families with larger circular nodes capable of housing a few thousand people. The larger nodes in the network incorporate mixed use development with each community housing office and retail spaces. The Desert Cities project offers options for each kind of desired lifestyle and human scale from urban centers to a more rural feel. Each node is designed to maximize space and minimize environmental impact. The pillars of the project include designing to streamline resources, respect nature, and enhance human interaction. Sustainable elements of the project include locally-sourced building materials, solar and wind power supply, solar desalination and rainwater catchment, and composting. The design of the community facilitates outward expansion, but smart growth of an increasing web accommodating multiple, densely packed centers.

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