Obama Calls for Energy and Climate Legislation
In his State of the Union address, President Obama called for a “comprehensive energy and climate bill,” repositioning it as a national competitiveness issue. (The Wall Street Journal)

Clean Energy, Solar Could Be Included in Jobs Bill
A Senate subcommittee has highlighted solar energy and clean energy job opportunities as President Obama and Democrats continue to work on economic recovery and job creation. (The New York Times)

DOE Proposes New Water Heater Standards
The U.S. Department of Energy has proposed higher efficiency standards for gas and electric water heaters that are set to take effect in 2015. (ContractorMag.com)

‘Home Star’ Rebate Planning Under Way
The White House and business officials are pushing a new program that would give property owners rebates and other incentives to weatherize their homes and make other improvements to cut their energy use. (San Jose Mercury News)

Massachusetts Sen.-Elect Is a Blank Slate on Climate
Senator-elect Scott Brown has taken largely a back-seat role in his state's energy and climate debates but supported key environmental initiatives when voting in the legislature, according to state officials, environmental advocates, and state records. (The New York Times)

California Adopts Mandatory Green Building Code
California's first-in-the-nation mandatory green building code, adopted Jan. 12 and taking effect next January, will help the state meet its tough curbs on greenhouse gas emissions and its goal of deriving a third of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. (Los Angeles Times)

Ft. Collins, Colo., Council Studies Green Building Limits
City officials are moving ahead with a program for new homes that is developing green building standards aimed at reducing carbon emissions as well as the energy and water use of buildings. (The Coloradoan)

Michigan Legislation Promotes Green Homes
The state’s housing industry could become a lot greener in the future under legislation that offers a key tax incentive to builders who construct energy-efficient homes. (Midland Daily News)

Virginia Storm-Water Guidelines Tabled
The state has halted proposed guidelines that would require home builders to reduce the amount of water from impervious surfaces flowing to the Chesapeake Bay and encourage the use of green roofs and greywater recycling. (Richmond BizSense)

New Energy Efficiency Rules Begin in San Antonio
Part of the city's Mission Verde initiative, the new regulations require new homes to be 15% more energy efficient than before. (The San Antonio Express-News)

Rebates for Solar Water Heaters Approved in California
Energy regulators have approved a $350 million rebate program for homeowners and businesses for installation of solar thermal water heaters. (The San Francisco Chronicle)

Weatherization Legislation Being Considered in Washington State
The Energy Efficiency Financing Act would give cities and counties the ability to issue bonds to finance loans to weatherize homes and commercial buildings. (Public News Service)