White House Hosts Energy Discussion
The senators who emerged from an energy policy meeting with President Obama made no effort to paper over the large differences that remain between them: Democrats continued to insist on putting some sort of price on greenhouse gas emissions and Republicans continued to insist that to do so would be to impose a tax that would smother the economy. (The New York Times)

Will Home Star Put Remodelers Back to Work?
The energy retrofit bill now in the Senate is being served to the public as a jobs bill, but it leaves many remodelers scratching their heads. (Remodeling)

Backers Pessimistic Over Pennsylvania Alternative Energy
Advocates, including Governor Edward Rendell, for long-in-the-making legislation that would increase requirements for alternative-energy use in Pennsylvania expressed pessimism Monday that passage could be accomplished before the summer recess. (philly.com)

Offshore Wind Bill Sails Through N.J. Legislature
The legislation could pave the way for the development of offshore wind farms, a step that could vault New Jersey ahead of other states to take the lead in a new and potentially lucrative green industry. (NJ Spotlight)

Rhode Island Wind Farm on Track
Governor Donald L. Carcieri signed legislation attempting to get the state’s first offshore wind project back on track, a project that could become America’s first offshore wind farm. (Brighter Energy.org)

Delaware Launches Green Rebate Program
The program provides homeowners with rebates of $3,000 to $6,000 toward the costs of homes that have been upgraded to national green standards for energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality, building materials, and other conservation-oriented. (The Delaware Business Ledger)

Washington Builders Sue to Stop Green Law
Just days after the Building Industry Association of Washington filed a federal court lawsuit to stop new green regulations for the construction of new homes, Governor Chris Gregoire asked the Washington State Building Code Council (SBCC) to delay implementation of the new energy code for nine months. (King5.com)

Maryland County Adds Energy Efficiency Credit for Existing Homes
A new Baltimore County property tax credit will reward homeowners for making costly efficiency upgrades designed to save cash over time. (The Baltimore Sun)

Windmills Could Rise in Maryland Community
The Anne Arundel County Council could vote as early as next month on a renewable energy proposal that would allow small windmills in residential areas. (The Baltimore Sun)

Telluride Passes Green Building Codes
The town council approved new green building codes that will increase energy efficiency requirements for new buildings and require new homes to offset certain exterior energy uses—like heated sidewalks and pools—with onsite renewable production or a fee. (Telluride Daily Planet)

Green Building Standards Considered for California Town
Stockton, Calif., lawmakers are considering ways to reduce the environmental impacts of suburban growth and energy efficiency audits for existing homes before they are sold. (The Stockton Record)

Napa, Calif., Passes Tougher Green Rules
In the future, new homes must use less energy, consume less water, recycle more materials, and source supplies closer to the town than before (Napa Valley Register)

Bradenton, Fla., Law Helps Homeowners Go Green
The PACE program, passed on June 1, allows homeowners and businesses to finance installation costs for energy retrofits such as solar panels through their property tax bills. (Bradenton.com)