LEEDigation, a term coined by Chris Cheatheam, is a term that describes any disputes arising from green building issues such as certification or improper construction.  While this might seem like a positive term, Sara Sweeney, an architect and LEED AP, isn't convinced that the practice is doing anything beneficial.  In a blog post, she elaborates on why LEEDigation really isn't making waves the way it should be.

"Yet in many ways we as a building industry are trying to fit sustainable building -a round peg, into our current square hole conventional way. It what we’re used to, and generally, we don’t like change. So somehow, if we push hard enough, we’ll make it fit. And USGBC – with all due respect, quite frankly doesn’t help with their consistent messaging that “it doesn’t cost more to build green.” Unless the design team engages in a more integrated design process early on and sets environmental benchmarks early on however, it does."

Buildings are significant contributors to CO2 emission, and its important that builders invest in green building standards to help reduce damage to our environment.  But fear of LEEDigation could cause otherwise enthusiastic builders to steer clear.  Head on over to Construction Law Musings to read Sweeney's full argument. Have you ever experienced LEEDigation firsthand? Let us know in the comments below!