Huffington Post's Lucy Sherriff takes a look at a Colombian startup, Conceptos Plasticos, that transforms plastic and rubber waste into permanent and temporary housing, shelters, classrooms, and community halls.

The plastic waste is melted and poured into a mold to produce plastic blocks that look and work much like Lego pieces. The materials are fire and earthquake resistant and divert waste from landfills, providing much-needed building materials for impoverished communities in Colombia.

“We are mitigating global warming and helping to close the extreme poverty gap with a solution that has a high, social, environmental and economic impact,” says co-founder Oscar Andres Mendez. "A house for one family takes four people, with no construction experience, just five days to build,” he adds. “A shelter for 14 families takes 15 people, with no construction experience, only 10 days to build.”

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