Pool covers might soon come with a label that identifies them as helping with water conservation, if lobbyists have their way. Pool covers are an expensive investment, ranging up to $10,000, but if consumers see the possibility for water conservation and long term savings, they might be more willing to take the plunge.

It may be a one- or two-year process to get covers included in the WaterSense program, just as it was with pool pumps and Energy Star. While Chidlow has already opened a dialogue with the EPA, the coalition seeks the support of legislators who can help nudge the process if things come to a standstill. “We want to try to get several [legislators] from both sides of the aisle who are educated on the issue,” he said.

Pool covers might seem like a strange place to start, but this effort is just the beginning for labeling water conserving products. Learn more about the lobbying efforts in the full article over on Pool & Spa news.