Cash for Caulkers Gets U.S. House Panel Approval
A federal program to provide rebates for home weatherization and retrofits passed a House subcommittee, moving one step closer to final approval. (The Boston Globe)

Four Democratic Senators Aim to Halt Stimulus Wind Project
A group of senators called for the government to halt a federal stimulus program aimed at building wind farms and other clean-energy projects, arguing that too much of the money spent so far has gone to create jobs overseas. (The Washington Post)

Senators at Odds Over Climate Bill
Two U.S. senators who have been part of negotiations on climate change legislation this year said they disagree with the carbon emissions reduction approach being developed in a compromise bill. (Reuters)

Report: Climate Law Won't Hurt California Economy
California's overall economy will not suffer, and many parts of it will prosper under the state's landmark global warming law, according to a new report that rebuts an industry-led ballot effort to suspend the regulations. (The Los Angeles Times)

Colorado Governor Signs Renewable Energy Bill
The measure requires that 30% of electricity be generated from renewable sources by 2020. (The Denver Post)

California Fast Tracks Sustainability Projects
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation that aims to streamline the permitting and siting of sustainable energy projects in the state. (The Epoch Times)

Connecticut Would Waive Student Loans Toward Green Jobs
State legislation would waive thousands of dollars in loans for students who earn degrees or certificates in green technology and realated jobs. (The Associated Press)

Governors Coalition Seeks Wind Energy Boost
Governors of 29 states are urging the federal government to take steps to boost wind energy use, such as a renewable electricity standard requiring utilities to obtain at least 10% of their energy from renewable sources by 2012. (The Associated Press)

Illinois County Advances Wind Power Regulations
Wind turbine heights of up to 500 feet could be considered in a new ordinance for this suburban Chicago community. (The Lake County News-Sun)

Bay-Area Town OKs Water Conservation Mandates
The Portola Valley ordinances are intended to cut residents’ outdoor water use by 25% and indoor use by 20%. (The Almanac)

Solana Beach, Calif., Adopts PACE Program
Town property owners who wish to purchase energy-efficient products for their homes will soon be able to fund some of them with loans assessed on their property. (The Del Mar Times)

Berkeley, Calif., Approves Mega-House as Green
Some residents are up in arms about the city's decision to label a proposed 10,000-square-foot home as green. (Mother Nature Network)

Bridgeport, Conn., Mayor Unveils Green Agenda for City
The environmental and economic "greenprint" initiative aims to get the city and its residents on the road to environmental sustainability by 2020. (The Connecticut Post)