Revamped Climate and Energy Bill May Have Enough Votes
Democrats in the House have come close to an agreement on a sweeping climate and energy bill. It’s weaker than the original version, but backers say it has enough support to pass. (Grist)

Climate Change Bill May Impact Multifamily Building Owners
The climate change bill currently before Congress calls for federal incentives to be available to market-rate multifamily owners for retrofitting existing buildings to improve their energy-efficiency, but it’s unclear whether multifamily buildings would be considered a residential or commercial building. The distinction is critical in determining how much federal aid multifamily owners could receive. (Apartment Finance Today)

WaterSense Legislation Includes Rebate Program
Legislation to authorize funding for the EPA’s WaterSense program would establish a rebate program, based in individual states, to assist consumers in purchasing water-efficient fixtures. (Center for American Progress)

Big Apple Unveils Comprehensive Building Retrofit Initiative
New York City officials announced a comprehensive package of legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing government, commercial, and residential buildings. (Sustainable Business News)

Colorado Activists Note Bright Side of Legislative Session
In a small Senate committee room, members of Colorado’s environmental community gathered around a round table on the last day of the legislative session to recap their successes and discuss the challenges that still lie ahead. (The Colorado Statesman)

Texas Senate Approves Solar-Energy Incentive Program
Legislation that would create a $100 million-a-year state program to encourage use of solar energy and require home builders in new subdivisions to offer solar energy to home buyers has won approval from the state Senate. (Dallas Morning News)

Green Energy Bill Advances in Missouri Senate
SB 376 would allow electric companies to recoup costs from energy conservation programs by permitting them to change their rates accordingly—but only if the Public Service Commission deems that the new rates are equal to or less than what the electric companies would've charged if they'd opted to build a new power. (St. Joseph News-Press)

Santa Fe Enacts Green Home Building Regulations
After July 1, new single-family homes built in Santa Fe, N.M., must meet code requirements covering six categories, including resource efficiency, IAQ, and energy efficiency. (EcoHome)