Available in three models, the diminutive Crib prototype was designed to be factory fabricated and quickly assembled on site. It was conceived by architect Jeffery Broadhurst, who recognized the demand for small eco-friendly shelters that can serve as weekend retreats, home yoga studios, and backyard home offices.

The full version of the Crib on display at the Music Center at Strathmore in Rockville, Md., contains a 260-square-foot living/sleeping space with an additional 140 square feet of exterior deck spaces. A small propane-fired stainless steel fireplace and a radiant floor system provide heat to the structure, and a small but well-outfitted “kitchen in a box” occupies the entry-end gable wall. Amenities include LED/CFL lighting and a ladder-accessed sleeping loft. An insulated glass garage door opens to a small deck connecting the interior spaces to the landscape.

Other sustainable features include:
--high insulation values using SIPs, insulated glass, and multi-layer polycarbonate panels
--recyclable materials including steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and polycarbonate
--a rainwater collection system for showers and gardening
--optional solar hot water and photovoltaics
--the entire building is modular and can be dismantled and relocated to another site