Three busloads of curious builders, remodelers, and architects snaked through the Dallas suburbs May 8, stopping six times to walk through each of the projects selected for this year’s NAHB Tour of Green Homes, the first event at the 2009 National Green Building Conference. The tour was sponsored by the Council for Responsible Energy, a natural gas industry alliance formed to promote natural gas as a green alternative fuel. And while some stops were more valuable than others in terms of providing details and information, each one offered attendees the chance to compare notes with the tour’s builders, walk a variety of new and remodeled homes, and check out green features and products.

Here are some highlights from the tour:

Rick Schwolsky

Stop 1: T.W. Bailey’s 3,850-square-foot infill project was still being framed when we arrived, so we got a good look at the engineered and SFI-certified lumber products he’s used as well as his efforts to reduce lumber through advanced framing details. The home also has Dows SIS structural insulating sheathing wrapping the exterior, augmenting a tight shell (including sealed attic) that will be insulated with Demilec Agribalance foam. A tall central turret will be equipped with motorized windows to enhance convective air flow for natural ventilation.