Aquicore, Building Robotics, Enlighted, and View ​have joined forces to launch a new awards program at this year's Greenbuild international Conference and Expo in Washington, D.C. The BOLD Awards are designed to honor individuals who have made significant strides in improving the lives of people and communities while making buildings more sustainable. 

Nominations are ongoing, and winners will be announced during a private event at the Greenbuild Expo. Award categories include the Champion, an individual award for someone who has embraced early adoption of a specific new  ​green building technology or strategy in 2015;​ the Mentor, an award designed for a senior leader whose support for a team's innovative ideas and programs were exemplary; the Inventor, designated for an individual or team who created a product that transforms the way we interact with buildings; and the Unsung Hero, which will be awarded to an individual or team who remains behind the scenes, but has been instrumental in advocating and shaping policies accelerating the adoption of green buildings.

Nominees will be judged on environmental impact, human impact, and innovation. ​