A brand new “Most Efficient” Energy Star designation will highlight a range of household products and appliances that achieve exceptional energy savings compared with traditional Energy Star-certified products.

The new designation will represent approximately the top 5% most-efficient models in the following categories: clothes washers, heating and cooling equipment, refrigerator-freezers, and televisions. The goal of the new effort is to drive more energy-efficient products into the market more quickly, according to EPA administrator Lisa P. Jackson.

Products from companies including Electrolux, Kenmore, LG, and Rheem have been designated as Most Efficient. Building pros and consumers will be able to find Most Efficient products on the Energy Star website and in stores by looking for the Most Efficient insignia.

Most Efficient products must represent more than an incremental improvement in energy efficiency, according to the EPA. They must demonstrate efficiency performance that is truly exceptional, inspirational, or leading edge. Later this year, the EPA will consider additional product categories for potential inclusion in 2012.