Actor Brad Pitt, who has called New Orleans his adopted home since the city was ravaged by 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, and Tinseltown producer Steve Bing have pledged an astonishing $10 million to help rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward of the Crescent City. The donation, which will benefit the Pitt-assembled Make It Right project, will help build a 150-home community that will be affordable, sustainable, and built on stilts.

“We're going to help to make it right with 150 sustainable, affordable houses—houses that stand out for their design both aesthetically and structurally, so that these people can live in beautiful, safe structures that respect their spirit and provide a good quality of life," Pitt said in a press statement.

In addition to the 150 homes, the “Make It Right” project also is committed to:
• including the Lower Ninth Ward community as an integral part of the process;
• forming a core team of local, national, and international architects;
• utilizing sustainable construction practices; William McDonough + Partners, an internationally recognized practitioner of cradle-to-cradle design, will lead this effort; and
• creating a finance plan that ensures that residents who wish to return to the Lower Ninth Ward can do so without further financial hardship.

Last year, Pitt collaborated with The Home Depot in the Holy Cross Project, which developed sustainable green multifamily housing in the Lower Ninth Ward. The Holy Cross Project consisted of five single-family homes, an 18-unit apartment building, a community center, and a climate action center.