Want to check out Nora systems’ product line or calculate ventilation rates while on the go? Now there are apps for that.

For BlackBerry users, Nora systems’ has the free “Nora on the go” application that allows BlackBerry smart-phone users to access Nora’s product line. The program also can initiate an email requesting product samples. The application allows a full view of all Nora products, by market segment, and for specific applications within each segment. The screen view of an individual product provides performance specifications and single-click sample order options. Users can also visit the associated webpage; new product information is updated automatically each time the phone is connected to the internet.

To download the application, visit http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/10657. A smart-phone-scannable QR (quick response) code is also available on the Nora website at: http://www.nora.com/us/bb. For more information on Nora’s BlackBerry app, visit http://www.nora.com/us or contact Nora at 800-332-NORA.

For iPhone, iPod, and iPad users, ASHRAE now offers the ASHRAE Standard 62.1 App, which provides an interactive calculation spreadsheet related to the organization’s ventilation standard. The app allows for calculations in the field, performing outdoor-air calculations found in the ventilation rate procedures and the interactive 62MZCalc spreadsheets contained in the ASHRAE User’s Manual for Standard 62.1, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.

The ASHRAE 62.1 app can also be used to determine 62.1 compliance of simple ventilation systems (single zone, 100 percent outdoor-air and changeover-bypass VAV, as well as more complex ventilation systems (single-path, multiple-zone recirculating), and can operate in both IP and metric units. Other benefits include the ability to store and access multiple projects within the app and also to email inputs and results for use in a spreadsheet at a later time.

The ASHRAE 62.1 app is available through Apple’s online iPhone App Store for $19.99. The app applies to the calculations and spreadsheet in the 2007 standard and User’s Manual. When the documents are updated to correspond with new editions of Standard 62.1, purchasers will receive a free upgrade.